Re: Face on Mars

Anton Sherwood (
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 22:19:02 -0700

> Mark D. Fulwiler wrote:
> > Yes, but they were eventually found out. The secret the government had
> > the biggest interest in keeping was the atomic bomb. However, we now
> > know that the Russians were getting notes direct from Los Alamos. To
> > imagine that the government could hide evidence of aliens for decades is
> > beyond belief.

Michael Lorrey wrote:
> Well, I just spent the day shooting with my freind, a retired Air Force Colonel,
> who spent 30 years in military intelligence, and is a consultant to the South
> Korean CIA. He told me that once when he was testifying to the Senate
> Intelligence Committee, the gentleman in charge of all classification of
> information was testifying with him, and he told the committee that 95% of all
> information that is classified is done merely so as to keep from embarassing the
> government...

You're saying that if the Manhattan Project were an *embarrassment* to
Uncle Sam, and not merely something vital to National Defense, there
would have been *effective* secrecy?

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