Re: PHIL: The (im)moral state (was Re: welfare...)

Damien Broderick (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 16:36:27 +0000

At 02:28 PM 3/22/98 -0500, Mike Lorrey wrote conflatingly:

>New Hampshire, which has one of the highest per
>capita gun populations in the entire world, has a lower crime rate than any
>country its size or larger in europe. [...]

>We have among the highest scholastic acheivement rates of any
>state in the Union, have always had an average SAT score in the top 5 states
>(concurrently with being among the lowest 5 states in terms of per capita
>education expenditures, go figure). NH is rated as having one of the best
>business climates in the US. [...]
>Best of all, we also have the lowest unemployment rate in the US, at less

And the low crime rate is due to... which of these parameters?

Do NH teachers force their students to study at the point of a gun? Do NH
workers negotiate their jobs at the point of a gun?

Or is violent crime elsewhere perhaps correlated with other factors that
also damage education and employment rates, creating a vicious cycle?

Damien Broderick