Context vs Crackpotism

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 03:56:16 -0500

Anton Sherwood ( wrote:

>Admittedly the term is not meaningful without
>a context, namely the scale in question.

IAN: That's exactly what I'm saying with
respect to identity: there is no identity
external to context. Everything that exists
exists in context, and context is holistic.

When we say what an elephant is (a member
of X family of animals that live in Y set
of locations), we put it in context, yet
when we say what A is, "A=A," we remove
it from context. When I define identity
as "A is A relative to ~A," I put it
in context, as it exists in reality.

Nobody has ever shown me an example of
a thing, A, being A free from relation,
and yet all those who cannot show that
such is true, continue to claim that
it is. That defines crackpotism.

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