Re: FYI : Islands in the Clickstream - March 14, 1998

Anders Sandberg (
17 Mar 1998 21:04:17 +0100

"Prof. Gomes" <> writes:

> More or less...>> A menthal method like zen, f.ex, could be scientifically
> analysed and accepted or not as a possible "knowledge-seach"
> method...Suppose also that it would be able to lead the researcher directly
> to a conclusion... Then scientists could use it as a knowledge-prospector,
> or a "knowledgescope"...

Well, that is one possibility. The scientific process does not say
anything special about how you come up with your hypothesises, you
could make them up using Tarot or automatic writing if you want, since
the important part is checking them with reality. I think Project Mind
advocates the use of kabbalah and meditation to get scientific
insights to be checked, for example. Different ways of inventing ideas
are most likely differently good at coming up with something useful
(you will have to spend a very long time permuting scrabble letters
before you end up with something interesting), so they can be compared

But what I was after was something deeper. The various mental systems
aim for more things than knowledge. Some seek control over the mind or
body. Some seek improvements in our behavior. Many (most?) are
directed towards creating a feeling of meaningfulness and
connectedness with society/the universe/other good things. These are
obviously desirable goals, and I think they are well worth integrating
minus the junk into a transhuman lifestyle.

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