Re: Cuba
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 11:30:05 -0500

In the interest of moving the disscusion along, if one 95% agrees with a
responding post does one let it go? If not, John I made an observation
of my trips, I said that the peoples views are directly relational to
the official news media and that there used to be a strata of economic
levels but that now there is just desperate poverty. I will now add that
in my opinion that is macro economically bad. I find it difficult to
sumarize large complex sweeping issues as you do, honest your's was a
good and interesting post, it is just me. I am uncomfortable in
discussing in depth my experiances because I do respect the fact that
Cuba is a police state and I would not want to put at risk people I
spoke with other than to say they were, I believe, frank with me. I did
not agree with much of there views, personally, but understand their
position. Equally while I am not a US citizen I spend much time there
and while perfectly in my right to do business with Cuba it is not in my
interest to directly disrespect US laws, even if I personally disagree
with them. I will finish by by adding that the result of my due
diligence on Cuba is that I suggested that we pass on putting funds in
now. In my opinion Castro has bought time for HIS government by his
policies and using the US as the excuse for all their woes, but have
only postponed and magnified the economic dislocations to come when he
is gone. The primary reason, of many, as reported to me, was that those
that left who were the former middle class or rich have the resources
to "buy" Cuba many times over and those who are still there know it,
resent it bitterly, and are powerless to do any thing about it. I
believe all will work out, painfully, but I do not want to be at risk
during the process.

I still stand by my "feeling" on the pertinence of this thread but admit
it sure has got more interesting of late.