Free Entity = Free Energy = Fallacy

Reilly Jones (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 17:37:55 -0500

Ian Goddard wrote 3/13/98: <Energy is holistic.... Identity is
holistic.... I'm working away attempting to perfect the description of the
holism of identity and the identity (defined as "same as") between holistic
identity and everything: energy, force, velocity, gravity, space-time,
electromagnetic charge...>

I don't think velocity belongs to this list of related concepts. If you
leave off time from 'space-time' and put aside 'electromagnetic charge' and
'gravity' as subconcepts of energy-force-space then you can accomplish
this. What you will have accomplished was accomplished by Parmenides many
moons ago, when he posited the One. Your axiom is simply 'the One'. Now
you need to proceed to Democritus and incorporate 'the Many' with 'the
One'. Things do have a beginning and an end, there are indivisible things,
these are related to 'the Many' to matter or bits of substance, to discrete

<...just as net universal energy equals zero.>

Or should that be net universal energy equals One?

< cannot get something from nothing...>

Tell that to the Big Bang crackpots. You cannot get energy from itself,
nor can you get identity from itself, nor can you get an axiom from itself.
More is involved than holism.

Anton Sherwood wrote 3/16/98: <Let me know when you have a theorem more
interesting than "everything=everything".>

Yes, please do.

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