Re: Cuba
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 13:33:40 -0500

I find myself drawn to enter a discussion thread I am sure has left it's
pertinence to this list behind. The politics of cultural arguments are
IMHO not resolvable. I have visited Cuba twice so on my observations
Cuba is desperatly poor but uniformly poor, as opposed to before the
revolution when there was rich, middle class and poor. The people I
spoke with do not hate Castro per se, but then much of their opinions
are heavily inluenced by official news. The ones I spoke with blame the
US embargo for their economic woes but other than tourists and rock
lobster the US has little they need from Cuba and Cuba trades with the
rest of the world. As to nuclear weapons targeted on Cuba, this was my
trigger to respond, take a breath and think. What would the US target
and how would they explain the fallout to the powerful independant
territory of the Conk (Florida Keys) or Jamaica, Caymans, etc.?