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Anton Sherwood (
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 16:32:28 -0700

> >> The description 'socialist' hardly fits [China], though. It's a capitalist
> >> dictatorship with a red flag.
> >So it isn't free enterprise, right? Its an oligopoly. They claim to be
> >socialists as a general matter of propaganda, but so did the communists...
> >Nothing is really different with the minor exception that they don't shoot
> >foreign reporters as spies anymore.

Erik Moeller wrote:
> Free enterprise in the way you define it cannot exist. When liberating an
> economy, existing economic power structures will try to manifestate their
> powers in other forms of government or the same form as before, because they
> need a tool to exploit the majority of the population.

That power structures "try" to maintain themselves in new conditions is
not persuasive - hardly even interesting. What's interesting is if they
always *succeed*.

> >> The best definition of freedom probably comes from the anarcho-socialists.
> >> Not being oppressed by power structures while, at the same time, helping to
> >> advance evolution. Such a freedom is entirely impossible in a "free market".
> >Evolution of what? And how?
> Evolution of humanity. Through progress. By spreading information.

Information can't spread in a "free market"?? Go peddle your slogans to
the gullible.

> >You cannot create change without force and the use
> >of power. Human nature is wired against change, for the most part.
> Your main problem is that you don't have much fantasy. Your worldview is
> much too limited. I have said it about 283475 times: You can only advance
> evolution if you bring the necessary information to those who are "in
> command" or will be someday. It's absolutely irrelevant whether these people
> are economic or political leaders, it's just important that they have the
> power to change things and the intelligence to understand what you tell
> them.

So? It's not hard to find someone who is "in command" of a small part
of the economy, enough to take advantage of such "information". Take
off those class-war glasses.

> >On the contrary, the Church was the only thing that preserved the knowledge of
> >the Romans.
> 99 % of all books and important information from the Empire were destroyed
> later. [...]

No contradiction there.

> You see, there was a reason why we decided to call "Homo Excelsior" "The
> Transhumanist's Magazine". A transhumanist is someone who strives to become
> transhuman. A transhuman is someone who has managed to transcend human
> conditions. A posthuman is someone whose conditions are so entirely
> different from that of a biological human or transhuman that it cannot
> really be called human anymore. Are these definitions OK for you?

Dunno about him, but they're OK for me.

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