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Erik Moeller (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 19:31:07 +0100

><ANTIRANT>My Libertarian views are not reactionary, at least not now,
>considering that the status quo is a welfare liberal statist establishment.
>are hardly conservative. Approving of abortion? Approving of suicide and
>assisted suicide? Approving of personal drug freedom? Approving of personal
>choice in pornography, cryptography, etc.? Oh, I'm just a freaking nazi, I

Well, the nazis approved something *they* called assisted suicide. It was
called Euthanasia.

There are different conservative groups. One is the religous-right,
Republican group. You're hardly part of that group. But there's also a group
of technology freaks that argue based on ideas that were refuted a long time
ago. I call this conservative. You call it Extropy.

>Not a bad analogy, but possibly more renaissance, depending on what
>characteristics of the middle ages you are referring to. If you are talking
>about free enterprise, low tax, self reliant, spirit of exploration and
>adventure, then I wont argue.

Spirit of exploration and adventure. ROTFL. A good way to describe the
crusades in an advertising of the vatican.

>To a transhuman, the sum of the self extends beyond the mere flesh body.
>and Material tools and resources are merely extensions of the self. As
>defines ones resources, property defines the self of a transhuman.
>was developed in order to more easily expand the size and utility of ones

I don't disagree with this. I disagree, however, with the assumption that
gun ownership and protection of non-transhuman property with deadly force is
even worth discussing. I also disagree that natural selection applies to
cultural evolution.

>Sure, which is why I enjoy playing with my new rifle, or my new fly rod, up
>the family cabin in the North Country, driving my red Jeep Cherokee 4.0
>4x4 to get there, or just staying in town for the weekend and shooting a
>rounds of skeet, or going skiing. When I'm home, I like to play on my PC
>equipped with an Intel P II 233 with 64MRAM, 4.8G of hard drive space, 6x
CD rom
>and 2x/4x CD writer, 4800dpi 24 bit color flatbed scanner, HP color
printer, or
>with my Casio digital camera. I can't decide, though, what to buy this
>though, either an ultralight plane, or a share in an oil well in
>decisions, decisions, decision.....

All play and no work make Mike a spoiled brat :-). By playing, I don't mean
this kind of entertainment (I won't even comment on your rifle mania). I am
talking about playing with ideas, concepts, perception. You can do this with
an Apple II. Or even with a pencil and a sheet of paper. Your Pentium II is
not yet connected to your brain. Using your own brain is therefore more
effective than using this "extension".

>> This
>> planet could live much better with such 'forward thinkers'.

>Why thank you very much.

You're welcome. You know my position on the economic problems of today's

Erik Moeller