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Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 19:51:53 -0500

Erik Moeller wrote:

> >This list is for forward thinkers.
> <RANT>
> Actually, most of your personal views are reactionary and conservative.

<ANTIRANT>My Libertarian views are not reactionary, at least not now,
considering that the status quo is a welfare liberal statist establishment. They
are hardly conservative. Approving of abortion? Approving of suicide and
assisted suicide? Approving of personal drug freedom? Approving of personal
choice in pornography, cryptography, etc.? Oh, I'm just a freaking nazi, I am.

> Your dream world seem to be High-Tech-Middle Ages.

Not a bad analogy, but possibly more renaissance, depending on what
characteristics of the middle ages you are referring to. If you are talking
about free enterprise, low tax, self reliant, spirit of exploration and
adventure, then I wont argue.

> You know about most new
> technologies, but the only use you can put to them is defending your
> oh-so-important property.

To a transhuman, the sum of the self extends beyond the mere flesh body. Energy
and Material tools and resources are merely extensions of the self. As property
defines ones resources, property defines the self of a transhuman. Technology
was developed in order to more easily expand the size and utility of ones

> All work and no play make Mike a dull boy.

Sure, which is why I enjoy playing with my new rifle, or my new fly rod, up at
the family cabin in the North Country, driving my red Jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter
4x4 to get there, or just staying in town for the weekend and shooting a few
rounds of skeet, or going skiing. When I'm home, I like to play on my PC
equipped with an Intel P II 233 with 64MRAM, 4.8G of hard drive space, 6x CD rom
and 2x/4x CD writer, 4800dpi 24 bit color flatbed scanner, HP color printer, or
with my Casio digital camera. I can't decide, though, what to buy this summer
though, either an ultralight plane, or a share in an oil well in Louisiana....
decisions, decisions, decision.....

> This
> planet could live much better with such 'forward thinkers'.

Why thank you very much.

> </RANT>
> Erik Moeller


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