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Tue, 10 Mar 1998 20:32:04 -0500

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin wrote:

> > From: Anton Sherwood <>
> > Then I withdraw the fanciful metaphor. My first draft put it this way:
> > You said that if Mrs O'Connor had had an abortion then our Max,
> > not a "precursor" of miscellaneous tissue, would have been murdered.
> > But if Mr & Mrs O'Connor had used effective contraception, Max More
> > would be just as absent from our world. Would that be any less murder?
> > "Every sperm is sacred..."
> Um, no. A single ejaculation involves perhaps millions of sperm, and
> in the extremely unusual case as many as three of them might survive
> to adulthood.
> Obviously God has a rather lower opinion of sperm than to deem them
> "sacred".

Although in the old testament, He declared,"do not spill your seed upon the

However, threats of blindness were never explicitly recorded..... ;)

> Ova, on the other hand, perhaps as many as a third could survive to
> adulthood. God obviously has a higher opinion of ova than of sperm,
> and we don't want to argue with God, do we? So we should prohibit
> female virginity, or even sexual abstinence by females.

I dunno, all those wasted periods, remaining a virgin until married off.

> (removing tongue from cheek)

Thats disgusting.....

> (on second thought, putting it back for a second)
> Remember, if God wanted us to go naked, we'd be born that way.

if god didn't want us to waste sperm or ova, we'd have push buttons for our use
when we really needed it.....

if god didn't want us to commit suicide, he wouldn't have invented carbon monoxide,
or curare, or arsenic, or hydrogen cyanide, or the ook ook tree frog.

> >
> > > [...] In Oregon, the logic of the statist establishment of
> > > death-worshipping as the official religion means that my tax dollars are
> > > now being reallocated to the poor so they can pay a doctor to murder them
> > > on demand. I am soiled by this [...]

Just so long as I don't have to pay your dry cleaning bill.....

> > > 48% of Oregon voters, including me, voted against doctor-assisted suicide,
> > > aka, licensing doctors to murder. [...]
> >
> > I agree that making you pay for it is intolerably cruel.
> > But it's absurd to call it murder when done at the victim's request.
> >
> > > [...] the core ethics of Western Civilization that have
> > > worked well for centuries on end, namely, humans are not to be used as
> > > means because they are ends in themselves. [...]
> >
> > I dunno about you, but I use other humans as means every day:
> > I call it trade.
> >

I call it humor.

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