Re Hawking an Extropian?

Brian D Williams (
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 09:02:31 -0800 (PST)

From: Hal Finney <>

>Stephen Hawking gave a talk at the White House tonight. According
>to news reports, he predicted that the next century would see the
>human race substantially altering itself.

I only caught half of his talk, but was very impressed, if only
Billary (the Bill, Hillary symbiote) would have kept quiet.

Does Dr Hawking have an E-mail address? A snailmail address? I
would be delighted to guest sponsor him (basic) as a member of the
Extropy Institute.

Imagine Dr Hawking at the EXI conference!

>Hawking's failing body has no doubt made him more aware than most
>people of the substantial need for improvements in our biological
>nature. Maybe all the "medical ethicists" who shudder with horror
>at the thought of cloning and genetic engineering would have a
>different view if they could spend a few days in Hawking's

An excellent point, Christopher Reeve has done an excellent job as
well, I nominate both for "Extropian of the year." (maybe Mr Reeve
would like to join us as well.)

Member, Extropy Institute