Re: SPACE: Property Claims and Lunar Water Mining

Forrest Bishop (
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 01:19:36 -0800

> > GBurch1 wrote:
> ...confirmation of ice deposits at the moon's poles. Although most on this list
> would probably agree that asteroid resources will be more important in the
> long-term, the lunar ice deposits may well be the most valuable
> extraterrestrial real estate in the near term.
> I'm sure all of the spacegeeks on the list like me have been busily designing
> ice extractors since the announcement. An automated system for extracting and

Maybe just lay plastic film over an area, secure the rim with dirt and
add heat
+ vacuum pump.

> A real problem with any such projects, though, will be the nuclear nuts'
> ravings about plutonium RTGs. By definition, solar power won't be available
> for any of this work, and so RTGs and, for the real work, genuine power
> reactors, will be the only viable power sources.

Not necessarily. Solar or thermal panels laid out on a exterior crater
near the pole may receive power about 50% of the time. This can be
beamed via
microwave either directly or through a transponder to many line of sight
locations inside a crater or whatever. Ditto for mirrors.

> The first step, though, is staking a claim that would entice investment in the
> water mining endeavor. Assuming the claim regime I mentioned here last

I think "staking a claim" is a natural consequence of just doing it.
didn't read your "claim regime" ms.


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