Borgian Memetic Power

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 07 Mar 1998 18:16:47 -0500

James Daugherty ( wrote:

>Collectives are real entities, conscious beings. They subsume individuals
>to the extent that individuals are unconscious. Memes are to collectives
>as genes are to biological organisms.
>As Gurdjieff pointed-out, most individuals fail to be individuals. They
>are cells in social organisms controlled by the collective's memetic
>field....similar to the Borg.

IAN: Yes, the power of the Borgian-memetic field rules
the minds of the masses! An ideal example of the power
of "Borgian memetics" revolves around the TWA 800 mis-
sile theory, which is crazy exclusively because the Borg
says so. The Borgian memetic generator is the GovtMedia.

How can physics, all physical evidence, and dozens of
witness accounts compete with the Borg? They cannot!
The Borg rules the minds of the masses, even the major-
ity of those who fancy themselves one-up on the Borg.

I can't think of a better example of the raw power of
Borgian memetics than TWA 800, the power to make truth
fantasy and fantasy truth by the mere word of the Borg.
Even libertarians soak up the CIA's pseudoscientific
and utterly debunked TWA 800 video, it simply boggles
the mind! What are laws of aerodynamics (which render
the CIA video a fraud) next to the word of the Borg?
Laws of aerodynamics are nothing next to the Borg.

What are the actual measurements of the flight data
recorder (FDR) (clearly measuring the impact of an
externally sourced pressure-wave) next to the almighty
word of the Borg? FDR data is nothing next to the Borg.

What is the distribution of debris over 1 mile to the
right of the flight path (proving without question that
the crash event experienced massive inputs of external
kinetic-energy) next to the word of the Borg? Ballistic
geometry is nothing next to the sacred word of the Borg.

What is the radar track of a ship speeding away from
the scene (that radar-horizon mathematics prove must be
over 58 feet high, and which also travels at 30 knots
like a large Navy cruiser) in addition to other tracks
that behave like submarines, when compared to the word
of the Borg? These silly fact are nothing to the Borg.

What is a photograph which even the FBI admits is an
aircraft (which is obviously more like a missile drone
than any variety of aircraft, proving military activity
in the are) next to the Borg's word? It's just nothing.
Just nothing:

How can over 100 witnesses who saw a streaking flame
rise up from the water, trailing white smoke, taking
down TWA 800 be right when the Borg says "no missile"?
No number of witnesses can be right if the Borg says

How dare physics, math, physical evidence, facts and
witnesses second-guess the Borg, how dare they!! The
Borg alone reigns supreme, all else is false. All who
say "not" are crazy! The crazy may have to be locked
up; ergo, those who question the Borg may have to be
locked up:

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