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>So here's the BIG question:
>1) What is the difference between science and art anyway?

> The goal of a fine artist is a personal expression or
>ideas based on personal experience with the human emotion. Science is a
>fact based, investigative study.

You have a good point but it isn't functional and most of art is functional.
For example, the architect has an idea, a vision, if you will. She takes
her vision to the computer and begins designing the structure. Her
mathematical computations must be accurate, and the suggested materials to
build the structure must be chosen carefully, the geological location for
the structure must be of a soil-texture that can afford the size and weight
of the structure. If all the requirements meat the goals, then the
architects vision is realized and her space habitat on Titan is built.

Similarly, if an author writes a novel and the plot is comprised of
characters, tension or drama (plot point), the author must develop each
character carefully, workout the direction of the story and make sure that
all the pieces fit together in such a manner that allows his vision, his
story, to become a novel that makes sense. The components of the novel's
plot can not happen only because of his whim or personal expression, but
because he attentively and painstakingly plots out the story.

Both art and science stem from ideas. Both art and science require
discipline and tenacity. Both search out a truth. However, interrelated
the can be, they are clearly different disciplines. Whereas scientific
method is the principles and empirical processes of discovery and
demonstration considered characteristic of or necessary for scientific
investigation, artistic method is anything you darn well please!:)

>Hmm, perhaps this is best answered by one of the More's..

More Art!