Re: PR/was Transhumanism in The Outer Limits?

Anders Sandberg (
02 Mar 1998 15:12:58 +0100 writes:

> Now the Hong Kong movie industry seems to be going down the tubes,
> the Asian market might be another good idea. They certainly have
> a taste for the bizarre (e.g. this morning I was watching 'Sex and
> Zen', a comedy about a 16th century scholar who decides Buddhist
> abstinence isn't for him and gets a transplant from a horse) and
> Japanese movies often have a transhumanist bent.

True and interesting. It would be interesting to see a transhumanism
based on asian culture and philosophy, I wonder how that may turn out.

> Of course the
> Chinese takeover of Hong Kong might destroy much of the market
> as well.

Or it could be the reverse, a further opening of mainland China for
outside influences. As somebody said, it might turn out that it is
Hong Kong that absorbs China in the end...

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