Suggestions for metamorphosis images

Max More (
Sun, 01 Mar 1998 12:41:52 -0800

I'm helping a European documentary crew wiith a three-part show on
transhumanist themes. Part of my unofficial role is to encourage them to
present the visual side of the ideas in as appealing manner as possible. It
looks like I've succeeded in persuading the producer to drop most of the
typical horror images (Frankenstein, Reanimator), but he's looking for
good, positive film images of human transformation.

Can you think of short scenes from movies or TV that would illustrate
humans transforming? (Or images good for other sections such as on
cryonics, nano, AI, uploading, etc.) Humor is good -- for instance for
cryonics I suggested Sleeper, where Woody Allen is unwrapped from the
aluminum foil and welcomed into the future.

It's hard to find many non-horror images of humans transforming, so I'd
welcome any suggestions. The more positive, optimistic, humorous images we
can put in, the more favorably the transhumanist message should be conveyed.



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