Re: Singularity or Holocaust?

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Sat, 28 Feb 1998 16:20:16 +0300 (MSK)

On Fri, 27 Feb 1998 DOUG.BAILEY@EY.COM wrote:

> > [...]
> Red Queen equilibrium? What is that?

Everybody runs like mad if he wants to remain in the same place. Must run
at least double that fast to get anywhere else. Basically, a major part of
the fitness function are the other guys. As they are in evolutionary flux
-- as are you, the autofeedbacked fitness function goes into a hyperactive
regime. Many ecosystems are thought to persist in a Red Queen equilibrium.

> > Can there be an isomorphy between an embryo in blastula stage and
> > an adult individuum?
> Genetically? Sure. But what happens when you achieve the status

Morphologically, of course, i.e. their current position in function space.

> of a "Power" (as described by Vinge in "A Fire Upon The Deep")?
> You can enhance yourself in such a manner so that all the measures
> we use to gauge isomorphism could be radically altered to the
> point of nonrecognition. If it begun with the human genome, a

Ok, I misunderstand your point, feel free to do likewise.

> superintelligent agent might send the genome through rapid iterative
> vicissitudes until no measurable isomorphism remained.

I think there is a fair change our future genome will be coded using
energetic states of nanoscopic islets of condensed matter instead of
solvated linear biopolymers. Darwinian systems tend to maximize obtainable
habitats, which should result in restructuring of matter on the global
scale. This neomoravecian view has been extensively discussed on at least
three lists.

> >> hinges on factors we have no real control over. If a holocaust
> >> of humanity resides in the future then there is little we can do
> >> to avoid it. Such a holocaust, if it is to happen, will ride in
> >> on the apparently inexorable tide of technological progress.
> >
> > Er, what was that thing, what was it called.. Dynamical Optimism,
> > like?
> Optimism has no relevance in the face of inevitability. We could be

Please prove that the Singularity is an inevitability. Please prove that a
Blight is an inevitability. Please prove that a Blight will mean an end of

> optimistic about entropy increase. However, that would not change
> the second law of thermodynamics.

I think you do need to reread the FAQ.

> Doug Bailey