Re: spears versus shields

Bobby Martin (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 22:01:35 PST

Wei Dai said:
>I can imagine some nanodefenses that would be effective against
>macroweapons. How about an exoskeleton made of cooperating
>It would block attacks when possible and move you out of harm's way
>not. Such armor can reduce the kill radius of a nuclear bomb by
>the occupant against thermal radiation and blast effects, and repairing
>damages from ionizing radiation.

Another way nanotech could help "protect" against these and other
macroweapons is by keeping a running tally of the state of your brain in
multiple hard-to-destroy nodes in your body, possibly uploading deltas
to a central site. It would protect by providing all the necessary
information to reconstitute you in the event of major trauma.

Of course, by the time we have nanotech this mature we'll probably all
be multiply redundant uploaded entities, anyway.


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