Re: NEXUS: Extropian communities

Derek Strong (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 01:55:34 -0800

>Great post! I wanna come too!

Thanks for the sentiment. 'Course, those are easy words to say from clear
the hell on the other side of the world. :-)

>Of course, here in Australia, that's the *standard* use of `mate' - which
>might, if we can wake the sun-drenched buggers up, might make Aussies the
>perfect launchpad for transhumanism... [`buggers' is another standard use,
>with very little connection to the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras even now
>winding flamboyantly though the streets of Sydney - but then again...]

Umm... "mate" I'll take, I guess. "Buggers," I'll probably have to pass on.

>When I was 15 and 16, I lived in a monastery (I was planning to become a
>Catholic priest). I was glad to return to the outside world, but there
>really was a genuine win-win, meditative quality in that life which I think
>the busy-busy world could learn from. Pretty quickly I moved into one of
>the earliest of the urban campus communes in Australia (in the mid-60s),
>and for years after that lived, on and off, in such households.

My first time was in the Army. Ralph Whelan and I were barracks roommates,
and I found that really valuable when I started shifting toward extropian
ideas (and away from the mainstream). The combining of the resources was
something I valued right at the beginning. I didn't start getting the love
and other fuzzy stuff until later.

>They fell
>apart when couples had kids, went professional, got jealous over sexual and
>affection issues. For years now I've lived alone, despite periodic

I lived with Ralph and Tanya for about 3 years before spending a year away
from the nexus with a girlfriend. She was definitely worth moving out for,
and I'm glad I spent that time, but ultimately I knew I was better off in
the nexus, without kids (a big problem for me -- I'm a less than stellar
step-father). And there is certainly the possibility that another similar
relationship will come along and get me to do the same thing (leave). But
I'm not really expecting that right now. I'd much prefer the new person to
be someone who joins rather than someone who takes me away. :-)

>It has very many merits - but ah, those head rubs...!
>(Damien sobs quietly for a moment.)

I'm sorry to have made you sob. I guess you're an effective salesman when,
after you've finished with your sales pitch, your customer is crying because
he doesn't yet own what your selling.

>Thanks for the terrific post, Derek.
>Damien Broderick

You're welcome. Glad someone enjoyed it.

Best wishes,


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