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>I for one would like to hear something abt this Heinleinian Nest (or so it

Heinleinian Nests are fun!

You might want to check out the "Phoenexus" (play on nexus) of extropian
cryonicists (they number 5 people + 3 cats.) The are probably the most
clearly cut extropian-type community where people live. They have wonderful
parties and open their home to friends. But this is no different, actually
than other extropian orbs, such as "Exorbs" (play on orb) that cluster around.

I think Max More can give you a synopsis of extropian Heinleinian Nest-type
living arrangements. He has created several himself, and did live with the
Phoenexus extropians while they were still called the "Nexus" while living
in Riverside, California. I remember the Nexus parties where filled with
cryonicists and an Heinleinian, or better extropian atmosphere of heightened
value, interest and meaning.

Other extropian habitats have sprung up over the years. The exclave --
vis-a-vis extropian Dave Krieger (who was visiting our extropian orb
Saturday evening) -- the exclave is a play on enclave and the dictionary
gives it an island type of meaning, "a part of a country that is isolated
from the main part and is surrounded by foreign territory." Not quite a
sovereign territory.

Here are some other extropian plays on Heinleinian-type nests: Exone
(zone), Exiron (environ) .....

Yet, extropians have not designed an architectural model for the type of
community being discussed here. The initial concept of Extropia, as T.O.
Morrow mentioned, is a great lead in and excerpts of it can be introduced in
the conversation.

All the nests discussed above are more like mobile living arrangements where
extropians share similar philosophical views and work-habits. We do not
have a definitive extropian community that actually exists to date.

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