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Thu, 19 Feb 1998 13:06:35 -0500

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-New! Never Available Before
-Direct Targeted Advertising
-Op-In Lists To Your Prospects
-Response Rates As High At 6% And 9%
-Pennies Per Targeted Contact
-Gauranteed Results


How much is 1 customer worth to you? Maybe $100,$200 or even as much as $1200
or more .How many customers do you think you would get if you sent a message to 10,000
people in your target market .Now think about this, a phone call to each would cost @$10,000
a direct mail piece would cost @$6500 ,but a targeted opt-in direct email advertisement would
cost you @$750 to mail all 10,000 ..

Targeted = you select the category of prospect over 200 lists available
opt-in = the prospects have requested to recieve information specifically related to the area of interest

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