Re: Why Immortality might be a sham!

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>Paul Hughes wrote:
>> Unless *something* of my self survives the ravages of time, by
>> definition and simple logic, *nothing* of my self survives. If
>> of my self survives, then *I* am not immortal.

Here's how I see it:

If you upload your mind into a computer by means of copying brain
waves,(I don't know how, it just seems like that work) or however else
you would do it, you'd still have a hard copy of your mind inside your
body. My point is, the mind in the computer would be a seperate entity
that just thought like you do. It wouldn't be you inside the computer,
just a copy. You'd wouldn't control the computer, the thing controlling
the computer would only be similar to you. Anyway, I'm just a student
and probably am way out of my league, but it sounds like a load of crap
to me. Please reply.

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