Re: Gravity shielding

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 21:39:15 -0500

Henri Kluytmans wrote:

> Brian Atkins wrote :
> >Interesting article on this in the new Wired 6.03
> >I remember reading about this a long while back, but it seemed
> >to be dismissed... now, maybe not.
> However there is a fundamental problem with gravity shielding,
> it could be used to construct a perpetual motion machine thereby violating
> the principle of conservation of energy !

Only if it is an over unity system, which I would doubt. A machine could be
made to move perpetually, but so long as the sheild is energized. I would
expect that conservation of energy would mandate that the energy required to
sheild x amount of gravity would be more than the e/t that could be generated
from the bias in the field, thus it would still need an external source of
additionally energy to keep from running down. Also, keep in mind, that if a
gravity sheild is to use any kind of what is termed 'exotic matter' then there
are physical loopholes for conservation in the presence of such matter.
Hawking has shown that causality is highly discombobulated in the presence of
black holes....


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