Re: Why preserving Biodiversity is Extropian

Paul Hughes (
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 18:39:41 PST wrote:

>>>Can you name even one organism that needs biodiversity to survive?
>>Just about every single flower on the planet would be a good start.
>>(ex: a cactus flower in Arizona requires the help of both a moth and a
>>bat in order to pollinate)
>It doesn't need diversity, it just needs those particular organisms.
>Any organism that needed biodiversity in the desert wold be in a
>bad way - deserts have relatively low biodiversity.

Exactly! The fact that a single flower in a low diversity environment
needs at least two other species for its survival, is testament to what
I am driving at. Don't forget, that those two species need other
organisms to survive which in turn need others, which in turn need
others.....are you getting the picture now?

I strongly encourage you to read at least one good book on ecology,
population ecology and/or biodiversity before we continue this debate
any further. It's as if we are arguing finer points within Quantum
Cosmology, without you having a basic understanding of how gravity
works. Besides, if in the end you still disagree with me, at least you
walk away with a fuller understanding of the most complex systems in the
known universe.

Best Regards,

Paul Hughes

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