Peter James (
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 18:46:41 -0800

My novel HOST for which I had much deeply appreciated help from several
people and organisations involved in the fields of cryonics and life
extension, has been made into a 3-hour television movie, premiering on ABC
network across the USA on Thursday, February 26th, under the title of
VIRTUAL OBSESSION. ABC are giving it their entire prime time viewing for
that evening.

Scripted by Preston Sturges Jnr and Mick Garris, directed by Mick Garris
(The Shining and The Stand) it stars Peter Gallagher, Mimi Rogers,
Bridgette Wilson (I Know What You Did Last Summer) Robert Vaughan (The Man
>From UNCLE) and Jake Lloyd, a terrific child actor who has a major role in
the forthcoming Star Wars film.

The novel is about a scientist's search for immortality thru cryonics and
thru artificial intelligence. I'm over the moon with the film adaption -
it has been stunningly made and is deeply faithful to the theme I wanted to
address in the novel, that living forever is going to become a reality.

I hope everyone who watches enjoys it, and I would welcome comments.

Peter James