Environmental Degradation? was: Re: Julian Simon

Paul Hughes (organix@hotmail.com)
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 00:11:17 PST

James Rogers wrote:
>I could have turned on CNN and heard what you just wrote. You are
>the party line of the concensus-based "science" of the general public.
>Your "devastation" has very marginal validity when evaluated rationally
>(and these issues have generally been discussed in great deal on this
>list). I hope for your sake that you have a great deal of evidence to
>up your claims of this omnipresent "doom and gloom", because few people
>this list will accept it on your word or the concensus of the general

Although I agree with your overall outlook James, can anyone argue that
we have had a *gain* in biodiversity? Over the years I've looked pretty
hard for evidence in the literature of any new species coming into
existence in the past 100 years. As far as I know, there is none. There
is plenty of evidence of species lost on the other hand.

Now weather this species loss is a good or bad thing is another question
entirely. There is plenty of evidence to show massive species lost in
the past, yet life has kept going anyway. The question here is, will
the present species loss put our own lives in jeapordy? Probably not,
assuming any of the major nanotechnologies come to fruition in a
reasonable time..

Paul Hughes

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