A.C. Clarke

Mark D. Fulwiler (mfulwiler@earthlink.net)
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 12:39:18 -0700

I wish to apologize for a previous message in which I repeated a rumour
about A.C. Clarke. Although I noted that there was no proof of the facts
alleged, I think it was wrong for me even to bring up the subject,
especially on this board. For the record, I greatly admire Mr. Clarke
(he's a brilliant thinker who does not mindlessly buy into every
politically correct idea going around) and I think his upcoming
knighthood is well deserved.

I have to agree that Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, but the political
instability, hot humid weather all year round and generally low standard
of living with a lack of reliable services would concern me. It is not
currently on my list of "retirement havens." Has anyone on the board
actually been there?