Re: Re: Prometheus Rising

Anders Sandberg (
11 Feb 1998 10:15:28 +0100 writes:

> I can think of a neural analogue for the first four circuits
> - the sensory areas of the brain. The largest parts of the
> sensory map on the brain are mouth, anus, hands, and genitals
> (not in that order, however.)

The anus and genitals do not have a very large representation in the
somatosensory cortex. You don't need high resolution there :-)

> I think there's a plausible connection there with the first four
> circuits, in order: oral, anal, semantic, and socio-sexual.

They are more than that. I agree that these areas might be part of the
circuit, but most brain systems are distributed over many parts of the
brain, not just one. So the same circuits most likely also contain
neurons in the frontal cortex, the association areas, limbic system
and everywhere else.

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