Re: Aeon Flux (Was: Re: Truth Machines and Open Networks)

Yak Wax (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 12:06:52 -0800 (PST)

Natasha V. More wrote:

> >Natasha, could you post a message re Aeon Flux, and how to access
> >it? I saw one video at my local video store with an Aeon Flux
> >title, but didn't rent it. How do I go about getting the full AF
> >thing, anyway??
> Any of these sites will be helpful to you:
> I haven't seen Aeon Flux on MTV for a while now. She is one of my
> favorite heros. The only problem I had with the segments is the
> being cryptic - full of sexuality and mystique but like reading a c.c.
> cummings poems without the punctuation.

Most of those links wouldn't work for me, but after a bit of linking I
came across an interview with Aeon's creator Peter Chung at:

"Aeon Flux is not someone who reacts to things. She makes things
happen. She actually meddles in things the way they are...she's a
force for change as opposed to the status quo." How very Extropian.

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