CUlture Hacking: RTMark page

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 08 Feb 1998 13:18:07 -0500

As posted previously either here on on the transhumantech list, this group
is involved in what could be termed 'culture hacking', or in the parlance
of hackers: "social engineering":

I just got a project proposal accepted by the group, and now its on their
page. I put an initial $200 bounty on its accomplishment by anybody. The
proposal is for at least 1000 copies of a popularly used operating system
to be sold in which the normal splash screen that is displayed on bootup
of the operating system is altered such that either the logo of a rival
operating system, or simply a rock is seen as smashing through the logo
normally on this splash screen. (NOTE: while the group wanted the proposal
to not be brand specific, one can easily see that the best use of this
would be for an Apple to smash through a Window.......) This must be
reported widely in the press.

Now, if any of you potential memetic engineers out there who might have
the means to accomplish this goal are interested in attempting this feat,
go to the RTMark page to volunteer....

WARNING: attempting these acts could endanger your employment......The
sponsors accept no responsibility that might accrue to your career,
reputation, criminal record, and livlihood as a result of commiting the
proposed acts....

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