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Sunah Caroline Cherwin (
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 13:34:25 -0800 (PST)

>Technotranscendence <> writes:
>> At 06:38 PM 2/5/98 -0800, Anton Sherwood <> wrote:
>> >As for me, I no longer care about sex enough (if I ever did) to pursue it.
>> Really? I don't know whether to pity or envy you.
>> I love sex.
>Ah, who needs "real" sex when you can spank ye monkey...THE
>Extropian thing to do, IMO (total control, no hassles...a cheap,
>quick way to deal with them nasty primal urges!) Also, porn
>mags are usually a better investment than sex partners (hookers
>or otherwise) -- they last a lifetime, are user-friendly & relatively
>cheap. Now *this* is efficiency! ;-)
I can see this is a joke, and I missed most of this thread, but of course
most single people are not pining for friction, but for interactive love.
There are lots of kinds of love we can make by ourselves, but of course
there is a biological payoff for interpersonal love with sex, and a mandate
to yearn for it in its absence.


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