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At 03:57 PM 2/5/98 +0000, Nick Bostrom wrote:

>One good way, I think, would be to capitalize on the women we
>already have (sorry for this way of phrasing it...). I mean, there
>are female contributors to this list, for example, who could serve as
>superb role models -- successful, strong, creative, confident. It
>is much easier to assimilate a philosophy if there is a person you
>admire who embodies it. And it would show that transhumanism is not
>just abstract words but also something that can be _lived_.

Darl'n Nick! I love this idea! Especially the capitalize part!

Yes, there are many strong, confident extropian transhuman women, to be
sure. We can find admirable examples on this list as well as in the in the
news, media and writings. Check our Wendy McElroy, Carla Sinclair and Celia
Pearce whose books ring of transhumanity. And, Judith Lewis whose writings
on technology hit the headlines. Not to mention Linda Chamberlain who
co-founded Alcor Foundation, the leading cryonics organization. And, Amara
Graps, a favored media-alert astronomer. Also, there are Chris Peterson and
Pattie Maas whose spear-heading techno-know-now set the pace. Then there's
Sandy Stone - an exemplar transgender lady who peaks the international
conference circuit. Let's not forget Tanya Jones, an Extropy Institute
Director who organizes projects at the Foresight Institute. Also, Sarah Marr
whose transhuman savvy has won many a debate, and Kathryn Aegis whose
knowledge about genders is formidable. And of course Nadia Reed who is an
accomplished artist and well-known extropians Carol Shaw, Kennita Watson,
Ailing Freeman and Sunah Caroline Cherwin who founded the zine "Slippery
When Wet!"

Shall I go on?

And "Dr." Fiorella Terenze's accomplishments and forever glamour and media
attention has been an uplift to anyone enthusiastic about astro-physics. Or
Regina Pancake whose special effects company produces the designs for
Hollywood's major science fiction films!

And Lee Close, who in the 1970's was a top Hollywood beauty and SF film
actress, and how writes about transhuman beauty and practices it as well!

OH! I'm out of breath!



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