boy seeks girl

Anton Sherwood (
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 18:38:20 -0800 (PST)

Paul Hughes chastises:
: ... How many of you have gone out on a date? If you havn't found any
: "extropian" women at heart, then you arn't looking in the right places.

The places you suggest are the same places one looks for any mate.
Sasha evidently is tired of that, and wants a way to improve the odds.

As for me, I no longer care about sex enough (if I ever did) to pursue it.

: Besides, Sasha, who wants a clone of yourself to talk to on very
: specific subjects that only you are interested in? Don't you like
: surprises? Part of the joy of living and especially of being
: involved with another person is the surprises they offer you in
: ideas and perspectives. Take a chance - date somebody who is
: *not* an extropian - you might be surprised that they really are,
: they just approach it from a very different semantic point of view.
: This has been my experience.

We're not all virgins here. Sasha has a son. I was married for ten years.

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