Re: Hemp

Eduardo Blasina (
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 22:13:50 -0300

Well, I really think hemp is a way to open doors that are inside of us. Let
us view the reality in another way that is very useful not only for artist
but for any human kind.
My points of view would never be the same if I didnīt smoke a long time ago.
I began constructing a more open point of view of so many things.
I didnīt change my previous thinkings, but theyīve grown more colorful,
respectful of otherīs points of view, and I hope deeper.
Then comes an obvious question, why it is not legal? Well Iīm not sure that
the State wants us to be free, colorful, repectful, and so on...
The state wants 1000 workers, for 2 or 3 thinkers. The thinkers -artists,
designers- can smoke, but not everybody. Obviously I donīt agree with this.