Re: Sex, authority, and social norms

Prof. Gomes (
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 23:15:01

At 19:41 02/02/98 +0000, you wrote:
>As I continue to work on the Transhumanist Gender Site, I plan to
>include some information on so-called 'alternate' modes of sexuality,
>including polyamory, bisexuality and androgyny. I will not, however,
>include pedophilia nor make any statement that it is representative
>of any sort of evolved relationship or sexuality. Given that I'm
>making a strong statement in favor of removing some clinical
>definitions of abnormality that surround some sexualities, this was a
>tough decision, and I had some tough talks with both clinicians and
>the nice man/boys from NAMBLA before coming to this decision.
>My reasoning: There is no need to depend upon social norms to
>assess the value of pedophilia. Rational ethics supports
>establishing a set of criteria by which to assess a truly evolved
>sexual experience/relationship--let's choose the basic ones: safe,
>sane, consensual, equal. Pedophiliac sexual relationships do not fit
>the basic critria and often depend on the emotional or
>physical vulnerability of one individual. (Note that B/D/S/M
>enthusiasts and polygamists have no trouble fulfilling these
>criteria). Indeed, these relationships bear a strong resemblence to
>early forms of marriage that depended upon the female remaining
>ignorant, dependant and infantile.
>As puberty begins to occur at earlier ages in humans, the age of
>consent probably could stand to be lowered by several years, but
>basic principles of consent and maturity remain problematic. I'll
>agree that some adults probably are not ready for sex and that some
>younger folk are, but when you plan to live for over 100 years, a few
>years of waiting can't hurt!

Paedophiliac behaviour is a great egoism, since children,
in general, do not have the minimum counscious sense of what she/he is
really doing...
For this, he/she is named "minor"... And, worse, lots of times a child who
had sexual relations with adults,
when grows up, will possibly have psycho problems...

If individuals do not educate their instincts, mankind will walk to a
high-tech paleozoic era...