Re: Guru wanted!

Anders Sandberg (
03 Feb 1998 23:29:16 +0100

"Sean kenny" <> writes:

> I'm new to this list having just discovered it, I wonder if any
> extropian gurus would like to walk me me through my first faltering steps
> in to the world of extropy.

Beware of self-styled gurus. That is a good first step :-)

Perhaps you might want to read around a bit on the web, there are
quite a few good texts out there. I suggest that you take a look at and, and ask here about what
you don't understand or want to hear different opinions about.

> My interests are nanotechnology and "uploading" (I think that's the
> correct term).

If you mean transferring or copying the contents of a mind to a
computer, then I think it is relevant here. Some of us spend far too
much time discussing it.

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