Sex, authority, and social norms

Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko (
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 15:50:30 -0500

At 02:24 PM 2/2/98 -0500, Ian Goddard wrote:

> IF the story is true I still respect the great
> contributions the man has made to society, but
> would strongly condemn such sexual behavior. I
> think that because all adults are inherently
> authoritarian figures to all children, that the
> concept of "consensual adult/child sex" is in-
> herently and fatally flawed, since any alleged
> consent of the child cannot be determined in
> light of the fact that the authoritarian rela-
> tion inherently contains an intimidation factor.

Most great ancient philosophers were pedophiles,
slave owners, and wholeheartedly approved various
"interesting activities", from sex with animals
(should there be freedom for it?) to ritual human
sacrifices. Somehow nobody feels disturbed about it.

Also, is the concept of *any* relations between
adults and children "inherently and fatally flawed",
because the adults are authoritarian? Or many of
these relations are productive exactly because of
the authority - like teaching? What if there is
a relationship between a tough 15-yo slut and a
timid 25yo virgin? What about an authoritarian
relationship or difference in social status or
intelligence, or in sexual experience between
adults? Who should be considered a child, and
who should measure authority?

I think if somebody wants to claim that something
is wrong, he should provide good rational arguments
why each of those parameters (age, authority, type
of relationship, etc.) is chosen, and why authority
and experience are so bad in one case while they are
so good in another. Otherwise, such arguments will
never lead anywhere.

Maybe we should declare war to the perverted people
of India and Middle East where a marriage of a young
girl to a mature man of authority is considered a
natural social norm (as well as in lots of other
cultures throughout human history). What's wrong with
all those people? Is it women's liberation that made
us rethink our principles, or higher educational
requirements? (why don't we prohibit fools to breed then?)

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