Re: Hemp

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Sat, 31 Jan 1998 17:12:16 +0000

It seems that like a lot of scientists, there is one variable which may
escape you. Experience. What experience do you have using this drug? You
can speculate about its possible effects on the brain, but it seems that
when you guess at something like this and remove personal experience from
the mix, there's little substance left.

I'm a long time smoker of hemp and find its effects very productive and
useful. I use it as a catalyst to encourage the sort of "flow" and
intuition that is at the root of my very best artwork. In fact, I can
speak for a large portion of the fine arts community and certainly an even
bigger segment of the music community that hemp is a powerful creative

How does that fit into your estimation of its function on the brain??

I'll tell you why I'd like to think of hemp as a (pardon the cliché)
transhuman tool because at the root of my personal transition are the
creative ideas which forge and inspire my visions of a future culture. As
a technology artist, the cultural and technological speculation I make
about our world could eventually inspire its evolutionary direction. (not
that my ideas are changing the world, but look at philip k dick or other
visionary futurists) I'm not saying their process or mine depends on hemp,
but I'm sure that if you were to investigate why artists use hemp, they'd
have a similar opinion.

I think on another level, its true that a drug like hemp, can create a
powerful apathetic response in some people. But to generalize is always
dangerous. I'm a very driven person and I don't let 'drugs' derail success
by tampering with my drive.. I'm managing to fill my world with
technology, remain self employed and live in one of the most expensive
cities in the U.S.

Ok.. my ranting ends..

Jeff Taylor
ALLOY [ video / music \ design ]