Re: Re: Meat Eating-preservatives
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 23:02:45 EST

Yes, there are bad preservatives, nitrites for example. But many are potent
antioxidants, some may be good for you. The BHA/BHT question is definitly a
subject for more research. But the primary value of their use is to minimize
the oxidation of the oils. Rancid oils are life shortening. Rather than the
preservatives, I worry more about the pesticide residues, and their possible
hormone activities. It is better to grow or buy direct from farmers (fresh).
It tastes better!
When we eat diverse plants, some containing carcinogens (or some other toxin)
, we also consume anticarcinogens (Carotenoids, vit C and E, the brocolli
Our systems and defenses have evolved to work best with a mix of plant
chemicals. Longevity may select, evolving as grandparents increased the
survival probability in more complex societies.
Does this thread belong on the Extropy list? Yes I think so. The topic may
be of interest to the lifextensionist color of Extropianism. Lifextension and
damage minimization (increased qualilty of life) is a fine Extropian idea
until powerful nanomolecular methods are available, alone or in conjunction
with cryonics.