Re: Meat Eating

Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 19:30:48 -0500

Nick Nicholas' wife wrote:

> The point being, we are poisioning ourselves with all the crap added to our
> food, be it vegetable or meat and we deserve all the unhealthiness we have
> because we've let it happen and have not demanded otherwise. As for beef
> (who, for the most part graze on government lands, anyway) I don't see any
> major business taking the time or money to replace that ca$h crop with
> something else.
> Myra
> PS If we all put in gardens and ate what we grew, we'd be a lot healthier,
> too. The only way to effect change in America's (by far the worst) eating
> habits is to let the unhealthy ones die as an example to society. Will that
> ever happen? Not likely.

So the extropic thing to do would be to develop a gardening robot for the mass
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