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> Care to explain what "environmentally ethical" could possibly mean?

Well, the Earth did not have an environmental conflict with the human
species until a large percentage started evolving, (genetically or
memetically does not matter) toward an herbivore lifestyle. It has since
pushed out and occupied most of the most ecologically viable land area in
the world, and is making a good attempt at exterminating the rest within
the nexx half century. If humans had remained hunter gatherers, the earth
would not be in the environmental fix it is in. While it is now making an
attempt at stabilizing its current environmental damages, it is not making
any attempt at limiting the population growth, which is the main problem.
Any ecologist will tell you that the way to stabilize a large population
of herbivores is to introduce and support a population of predators, and
if that is not viable, then to use such measures as hunting to manage the
herd. If this is the case with other herbivores, why are environmentalists
not applying the same standard to humans?, why do environmentalists
typically take the exact opposite stand with humans when such culling
activities like war and sickness are involved? Charlie Stross, in another
message, contests my standard of not eating intelligent beings, which is
where environmentalists seem to also be setting their hypocritical line in
the sand, yet he cannot recognise the blinders that he is wearing.

Granted, I don't like the idea, I'm just demanding that people with
certain stands demonstrate consistency and integrity with their policies.
I demand the same from myself. I personally like eating meat, as do other
members of my family. We also are honest enough that we take part in
hunting activities to manage wild herds of herbivores. We also have an
current average life expectancy of my grandparents generation that is up
in the 90's, so given better health current care technology, I'll easily
expect to live over 100 without any new fangled life extension techniques,
while still living a carnivorous lifestyle.

If people are going to be vegan AND be such ardent environmentalists, then
they honestly must recognise that since humanity is mostly drifting toward
an herbivorous lifestyle, then for environmental stability's sake, there
must be a predator(s) to occupy the top spot in our food chain to manage
the herd.

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