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<< CALYK writes
: isnt the reason the south american rainforests are getting burned is to
: room for cows? And they eat up the resources (fertilized soil from ash,
: grow grazing grass) in a few years and then they have to burn more forest?

So, in Brazil cows represent plunder and waste.
(Clearing the Amazon is, of course, a government project.)
Does this prove anything about cows elsewhere?

umm, most cows are brown?

its just another addition to the "cows are unnecessary" list, as far as using
them to support the meat industry. the rainforest affects everyone in all
parts of the world, it is providing unknown viruses from us messing with it,
and the cures that exist within are perhaps becoming extinct, along with the
1-3 species a day of organisms. Have you ever had a harvest burger? It is
very good. It'll only be a matter of time before you cannot tell the
difference in texture or taste at all between grain and meat burgers, except
that the grain burgers will be made to taste better and will be much better
for you. Meat is another part of the caffeine/nicotine/money/ego/greed fix