Re: applied theology

Prof. Gomes (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 13:34:42

At 18:34 23/01/98 -0800, Anton Sherwood <> wrote:
>"Our gods are dead. .....

Unhappily they are not ....
Other day, I was thinking about the possible logical errors that made
mankind "create" gods...

Historically it was, mainly, an ignorant explanation of common phenomena,
like death, stars, thunders, even flowers etc.
But with the development of such idea, nowadays, there are deep
psychological programmings involved.
A quick example seems to be certain religious "objects", like gods, saints,
Jesus etc..., They are simply menthally associated
with certain psycho-neuro-physical effects, which leads a programmed
believer to trust that the responsible for the effects is other being, but,
in true is him/her self... (or even two or more... as Jesus said once...).
The problem is that certain scientists become "blind" to detect the real
causes because of their religious "pre"concepts...and... limitations...
BOOH!!!! :-)