Re: Alpha & Sparc news of interest

Entropyfoe (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 20:41:51 EST

Perhaps the gov is correct to try and restrain Microsift from taking over the
data sphere. The Wintel conspiracy expands. The below snipped text is really
caused by Intel's recent aquisition of DEC's semiconductor operation. Intel
teaming with the boys in Redmond want to squash all other operating system/HW
alternatives. Sinister indeed. Will the anti-trust folks allow the Intel take
over of the Alpha manufacturer? Intel promises to "support" the Alpha for 10
years, but this will be a vehicle for Microsoft domination.

>1)" DEC will start shipping an Alpha that forces (in firmware) users to use
> "The expanded alliance (with Microsoft) coincides with Digital's plans
>to ship by month's
end an Alpha processor with firmware that restricts it to running only NT
software, sources close to the company said. The chip is expected to
run NT applications faster than existing Alphas that support multiple
operating systems."

If all the low cost Alpha systems become exclusively available for NT, this
will seriously impede continued development of Linux for Alpha, and close
the door on a cheap, high-performance, non-Microsoft platform. This was
part of a much larger article on Wired, so I don't know if the normal cheap
Alphas will be phased out or not (I would hope not, but it may affect