Re: Gov't loves Gov't

Hara Ra (
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 22:33:22 -0800

Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> No matter how much more power we get, we'll want more. No matter how much
> work we can produce, our bosses will want more. No matter how much profit
> we make, there will be more things to spend it on. <snip> The more
> choices we have in our life, the harder it is to choose.

And what choices will they be?? Every millisecond another real cool deal
on which cell (phone?) with 400,232,343,445 options, Windows 200,000,000
with 27 billion
icons on the home page, upgrades every microsecond, with total
rearrangement of
everything on the millisecond, with the Millisecond 2000000000000000
crisis looming, ....

And think of how to program the RCR (Reality Cassette Recorder)...

> . . . Or, am I just reading to much Cyberpunk?

No, not enough, really.

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