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Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 01:01:39 -0800

A high five to Natasha for her three salient points.

<pseudo-conspiracy-rant mode on>

READ MY BITS, "NSA-CIA-How's your police state run today"--and a big HELLO
to aaaaall those lovely Inslaw shareware supporters out there in the 'net
who may just be tuning in now...

Buying off a witness is not what the good guys do. Absent principle,
someone who purports to be a "leader" of a "free world" has only got the
slop bucket and the slaughterhouse. I am fortunate to be able to say that
neither move me as much as my principle moves me; I don't claim it makes me
fundamentally superior to others with different priorities. But if such a
person is found out while in office, the rules say they get removed from
the game. Let's do _that_ the lawful way, shall we?

<mockery mode on>

Hey Hillary! If it takes a village, I nominate your husband's penis for
village idiot.

Let's see if we have a mandate for _that_. Hmm, what is the etymological
root of the word "dork"?

PO: Let's not impeach him, let's just pass a "white Kryptonite" federal law
that removes all his powers until he steps down. Hmmm. Or he has to wear a
dunce cap except in his sleeping quarters as long as he remains in office.
Or a law that enforces a novelty condom cap portrait shot required during
every photo op. Heck, how about anyone that lets the Secret Service pat
them down gets to pie him or pants him?

Let's find a new way, every day, to mock Slick Willie until he wilts!
...IF he deserves it.

>1. His Interfering with a witness is a felony. -- BIG mistake.
>2. His lying is distasteful. -- Unhealthy problem.
>3. The unabashed and blatantly crude tell-tale behavior of those who
>had sex with him (more likely than not because of his power) in
>disclosing/blabbing it to the press (more likely than not because of the
>money) and then the ultimate insult of acting as if they are doing something
>for some kind of justice or cause for "women" is an act of pretention. --

a figleaf which hides nothing... if that is what they are doing. :)

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