Kenes (was: Re: More kemes)

Damien Broderick (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 12:01:49 +0000

At 12:48 PM 1/22/98 -0600, Thom wrote:

>I must have missed this earlier, what is a keme?

A keme is a stupid typo of mine. I meant to write `kene', which is a
borrowing from Gregory Benford's Galactic Center sequence of sf novels. In

`Memes evolved in turn far faster than genes. Brains are easier to infest
than DNA.

`The organized constellation of information in computers were *kenes* -
from *ken*, to know.

`[...] Kenes evolved faster than memes. Soon, they learned to leave even
the substrate of silicon. Ordered, replicating data propagated beyond its
*in silico* origins. Rather than matter, it sought out fields - electric,
magnetic, even gravitational.' And so on.

And then there are *datavores* - `these use the energy equivalence of
information... Predators do not propagate memes; they feed upon them.'

I suspect a link with Greg Bear's *evolvons*, which are Son-of-Computer-Virus.

Damien Broderick