Re: Human Strengths & Weaknesses

Holger Wagner (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 01:20:53 +0100

Freespeak wrote:
> Consider these questions:
> >
> >Human Strengths
> >---------------
> >
> >1. What are the most important human strengths?

Intelligence, Intuition, Creativity, Critical Reflection

> >2. Why do we (or at least some of us) have these
> >strengths?

Because we trust these strengths.

> >3. Why do some of us not have these strengths?

Because they don't trust themselves.

> >4. How can these strengths be further strengthened
> >and spread more widely?

By making people understand that it's easy and profitable.

> >5. How can these strengths be best applied to
> >improve the general "human condition?"

By using one's own intelligence, intuition, creativity and critical
reflection to spread the right memes ("right memes" are those that make
people aware of their own capabilities - and once they're aware, they
should spread those memes, too)

> >Human Weaknesses
> >----------------
> >
> >1. What are the most important human weaknesses?

Irresponsibility - for themselves and the world around them.

> >2. Why do some people suffer from these weaknesses?

Because at first sight, it looks like the path of least resistance.

> >3. If applicable, why do some people not suffer
> >from these weaknesses?

Because they know that their life is really much easier if they don't
give in to irresponsibility. They prefer making their own choices
instead of letting others make decisions.

> >4. What are the consequences of these weaknesses?

Failure. Not always, but quite often irresponsibility lets people become
addicts (any sort of addiction is probably the perfect state of

> >5. How can people overcome these weaknesses?

Give them responsibility (suppose your name is King John "Government").
Basically, they just have to make that one first decision that they will
make their own decisions. They need to practice discipline a lot (that's
probably the hardest part), they need to educate themselves - more
knowledge will make decisions somewhat easier.

Actually, I think the major problem is finding out about one's
weaknesses (whatever they are) - consciously understanding what kind of
weakness one is dealing with, and consciously working on improving

> Originally, I was only going to ask about weaknesses.

Not a good idea in my point of view - instead of looking for weaknesses,
I'd rather look for strengths. It's much easier for people to try to
improve their strengths than fighting their weaknesses. Even considering
something a "weakness" is demotivating already - if you look at the same
thing from the perspective "ok, what have we here, I can still be
somewhat better at that", you've almost got it done...

> I need to write a report on the "basic human problem."

Sounds like quite an interesting challenge - good luck!

> I mentioned my idea of asking "weakness questions" on
> the Internet to a teacher friend. She suggested that
> I should also ask about strengths.

That was a very good idea - you'll find whatever you look for. When you
look for weakness, or any "negative" things - you'll find them, and the
more you look, the more you'll find. Especially when looking at people,
this is quite tricky - personally, I tend to have quite a negative
opinion of the "general public", but the more I look for positive
things, the more I find - the more I can learn (I don't have any
interest in learning negative things).

> An important consideration is my thinking that progress
> in the direction of greater freedom could be accelerated
> if more freedom activists could identify their greatest
> strengths and find out how to best utilize them.

Definitely - the more people actively spread the right memes, the

> It would also be useful to us to identify important
> weaknesses and find out how to overcome them.

Hm... same as above. If you identify the skill contrary to a weakness,
you're already half-way there...


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