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Thu, 22 Jan 1998 01:53:56 +0100

Nice one, Hara Ra. I think your "to do" list is excellent.

But, may I ask, how much of this have you done yourself?


On Tue, 20 Jan 1998 23:12:53 -0800
Hara Ra <> wrote:

>David A Musick wrote:
>> I don't seek to make "semi-mutual agreements" more beneficial; rather I
>> seek to eliminate coercion through Intelligent Technology."
>> Any ideas how to practically do this?
>Coercion is actually a form of immaturity, or low EQ as some put it. It
>is also ingrained into much of childrearing as a form of pedagogy. Here
>is how to do it,
>given what we know so far:
> 1. Read Alice Miller, "For Your Own Good".
> 2. Do a really GOOD rage workshop, one in which you feel safe
> enough to experience lethal killing rage.
> 3. Read Stanislav Grof, "LSD Psychotherapy".
> 4. Learn about and practice Holotropic Breathwork (invented
> by Grof)
> 5. Find an experienced sitter and do supervised internalized
> psychedelic sessions with MDMA, LSD, Mescaline or Psilocybin.
> 6. Do this until you expereince what Grof calls BPM4, or at
> least two successive sessions in which childhood and birth
> material does not arise.
>This WORKS. Coercion vanishes as a personal approach to all situations
>with the possible exception of self defence. Anyone seriously interested
>in doing this contact me by private email. (Oh Oh, I'm coming out!)
>BTW, the ONLY way to interest others is to have done it yourself, people
>seem to know this in some way... Forget laws, media, etc, etc.
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